’s $1.6 Million Mistake That Amazingly Rebranded It’s $1.6 Million Mistake That Amazingly Rebranded It

The management of a brand takes a great deal of pains, and sometimes sacrifice. The sacrifice may be so huge that it translates to significant financial loss on the part of the brand owner/company. If the loss can be borne with equanimity and professionalism, the effect can be amazing., a popular shoe site with great followership on social media across the globe, made an expensive mistake over a weekend that set them back by a whopping sum $1.6 million. Remarkably, the blunder was used to boost their brand image and brand equity.

Enjoy the story.’s sister site, 6, ran into a technical difficulty which priced everything on the shoe site at $49.95 or less for several hours on a Sunday morning. Items worth thousands of dollars could be bought at $49.95. When realised the mistake, they plunged to action by shutting down the site to fix the problem and restore the original prices. Stop press! taught the world a refreshing branding story by honouring the prices they mistakenly sold the products at.

In their determination to remain loyal to their customers and be consistent with their core value. Instead of allowing the media to feast on the mistake, they used the press to display their commitment to consumers. The free publicity soared the popularity of Zappos, and tremendously increased the reach of across the web.

A major PR lesson to be learnt from this is that bad situations and crises can help to distinguish your company or brand from the pack if they are managed professionally. Your company can gain credibility by admitting its mistake and bearing the attendant loss of your mistake.

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