Why Festive Planning is Earlier than ever This Year

Why Festive Planning is Earlier than ever This Year

Andrea Mallard, the Chief Marketing Officer of Pinterest has proferred reasons why brands are planning for festive earier than ever this year, with a particular reference to the popular social media platform, Pinterest.

Latest research suggests that brands are planning earlier than ever this year for festivities. People on Pinterest in particular are starting earlier than ever this year. Pinners are starting to search for holiday ideas earlier than ever before. Traditionally, Pinners commence holiday plans in September. Remarkably, this year, they started searching and saving for the holiday season in April.

What factors are responsible for the shift? The first major reason is not far-fetched. People are are worried about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on preparations they used to take for granted. According to one Pinner, “I’ll be starting to look online much earlier than normal because shipping delays are quite likely at the moment. You don’t know exactly exactly when you’re going to see the products.”

There are more sentimental reasons. After a tough, grueling year, characterised by coronavirus-induced deaths, consumers are, more than ever before, desirous of the comfort of the Christmas holidays. The early planning that once felt laborious previously, now feels extra special, and imbued with new meanings.

In many social media platforms, forums, and blogs, many people across the world has been saying that they can’t wait for 2020 to pack its load and go. 2020 will definitely be confined into the dustbin of history, like other previous years. But nobody can rush it to pack its load and go. It will wind down at a normal place. For the remaining months of the year, we are strongly advised to make hay while the sun shines. Time and tide wait for no man.

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