What Does Digital Marketing Entails?

What Does Digital Marketing Entails?

There are six steps to get started with digital marketing.
1. TRACK CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR: Collect data and create events. Capture digital data and track customer’s behaviour.
2. CHOOSE WHAT CONTENT TO DISPLAY: Create messages. Upload assets and creative with messaging that entices customers and moves them to action.
3.       CHOOSE WHERE YOUR CONTENT DISPLAYS: Create spots. You decide where to display the creative based on the channel such as mobile apps and web pages.
4.       DEFINE WHO SEES YOUR CONTENT: Create segments. These are groups of people who share common characteristics. Analyse segment attributes and determine best placement across channels based on segment profiles or characteristics.
5.       DELIVER THE CONTENT: Create tasks. Measure, test, and deliver personalized content with tasks. Make the customer experience personal and memorable from web, mobile, and email channels.
TRACK CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR CONTENT: Create activities. Connect tasks to create customer journeys that deliver the right content, in the right place, to the right people.

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