The Spread of DHL Outlets Across Lagos

The Spread of DHL Outlets Across Lagos

DHL, a courier company founded in the USA by Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn has witnessed such a phenomenal growth that will make other brands envious.  By the late 1970s, it has expanded its service throughout the world. It has become the world’s largest logistics company, and it delivers over 1.3 billion parcels per year.
The heavy presence and pervasive influence of DHL in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is remarkable. That is the focus of this blog post. In Lagos State, the commercial never centre of Nigeria, DHL outlets are springing off in every nook and cranny. Withi Ikeja alone, we have no fewer than five DHL outlets. The great spread has even extended to Lagos outskirts and environs such as Mowe, Ibafo, Sagamu, Ibadan, and Abeokuta. The great spread of the outlets is a pointer to the great success of DHL as a courier.
The big question remains: what has led to the soaring popularity of DHL in Nigeria? PENDROF did an extensive research on this. One overriding factor is its excellent Branding which has been perfected over the years. DHL’s logo is uniquely attractive and conspicuous. The vehicles and motor cycles which they employ in the course of their deliveries are in good conditions. These leave lasting impressions in the minds of their customers and prospective customers. The unique way in which they parcel and package items and documents to be sent is also fantastic.
Perhaps most importantly, DHL delivers items to destinations promptly and with utmost certainty. Customers are 99 % sure that the items and documents and parcels sent through DHL arrive at their destinations. The major reason the company does not accept P.O. Box as parcels destination is that they want to ensure that parcels are delivered to exact locations, with somebody to acknowledge their receipts. Like most standard courier services, customers are usually given tracking codes with which to monitor their parcels. All you need to do is to visit their website and feed in the tracking code into it. The present destination of the parcel will be stated.
Companies and organisations need to learn one or two useful lessons from DHL. The most overarching reason for the enduring success of a brand is quality service. Quality service must never be compromised.
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