Should Digital Marketing Agency Source For Clients?

Should Digital Marketing Agency Source For Clients?

The role of clients in the ultimate survival of a digital marketing agency cannot be over-emphasized. As a matter of fact, just like most other businesses, many digital marketing agencies across the globe have folded up due to their inability to attract clients. The mortality rate of digital marketing agencies has witnessed a steady increase.

There are two schools of thought concerning the issue of clients in branding and digital marketing business. According to the first school of thought, digital marketing agencies must device deliberate strategies of attracting clients. They must go out of their way to get clients who, with the proliferation of digital marketing agencies across the globe, are spoilt for choice.

Another school of thought is that a branding and digital marketing agency should not source for clients. Instead, it should make itself visible enough and clients will find it themselves. According to Digital Marketing Institute, digital marketing agencies should stop looking for customers. Let them find you. The Institute hinged their position on the fact that nobody does business with people they don’t trust. In such a way, potential clients will first build trust in you, and then get across to you.

Research has shown that newbies in the branding and digital marketing agencies need to source for clients. Established agencies can capitalize on their strong visibility by waiting for clients to contact them.

All in all, whether startup or established, small, medium or big, branding and digital marketing agencies must do Search Engine Optimization on their websites in order to accomplish a greater visibility.

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