How to Choose Business Name For Your New Business

How to Choose Business Name For Your New Business

Choosing a business name for your new business is a major factor that can determine the success rate of your business, both in the short and in the long run. Remarkably, many start-ups fail to do painstaking homework in the choosing of business name for their business. It is instructive to note that the phenomenal success of global brands such as Zenith Bank, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Pepsi, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Disneyland, is partly due to their business name.

When it comes to making a decision on which business name to choose, it is helpful to know the characteristics of good business names. A good business name should:

  1. Be easy to spell
  2. Be relevant and associated with your products
  3. Trigger emotions
  4. Contain keywords
  5. Be clear and professional
  6. Be powerful and have deeper meaning
  7. Be unique

A good business name should not:

  1. Overuse keywords
  2. Have irrelevant keywords
  3. Have negative connotations
  4. Infringe upon anybody’s rights
  5. Be offensive
  6. Be difficult to pronounce.

When you settle for a business name, confirm whether or not it is an existing name. This can be done on GoDaddy website. It the name has been taken, steer clear of it and settle for another name so that you can be able to build a website with your business name in the nearest future.

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