How Google Became A Global Brand

How Google Became A Global Brand

The pair met at Stanford University in 1995, where they were both enrolled on PhD computer science programme. Incidentally, both Sergey and Larry had solid computer science backgrounds. Larry’s father, for instance, was one of the first ever recipients of a computer science degree from the University of Michigan while the mother was a database consultant with a master’s degree in computer science.
Larry and Sergey were obsessed with the idea of writing first class theses and building careers in the academia. In order not to get distracted from their academic pursuits, they attempted to sell Google to Excite, Yahoo! And the then market leader Alfa Vista for up to $1 million before patenting it. Surprisingly, each company did not show any interest.
Google later experienced a major growth spurt, thanks to their innovative method of custom-building server. Initially, they were reluctant to allow advertisers onto the site so that users would not begin to doubt the search results’ objectivity. They vowed never to allow companies to pay to rank more highly, as other search engines had done.
In 2000, they reluctantly hired Dr Eric Schmidt as chief executive to take over the day-to-day running of the business. This proved to be a worthwhile risk.  Schmidt’s appointment proved to be remarkably successful. In 2004, the founders listed the search engine on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, raising a whopping sum of $1.2 billion.
Today, Google has become the world’s Number 1 search engine.

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