How Branding Helps Lipton Tea Become A Global Brand

How Branding Helps Lipton Tea Become A Global Brand

Branding, when effectively done, can catapult a business or company into a global brand. Cases abound of companies which have been blasted out of obscurity by the deliberate employment of branding. Our focus in this article is on Lipton Tea, a British brand of tea founded by Sir Thomas J. Lipton when he bought his first tea plantations in 1890 (, 2017). Today, it has become the world’s leading tea brand, and is sold in over 150 countries across the globe. Lipton Tea is currently owned by Unilever.

The branding was kick started with an attractive designing of the tea label. Needless to say, packaging forms an integral component of branding.

A ‘Lipton Do Good’ contest was also launched to engage the audience on the social media. The idea is to get them to share a story of an act of kindness they did on a particular day with other users so as to inspire everyone to do something good to another person. Social Media Marketing was employed to popularise the social media campaigns.

In addition, a special website was created for the campaign, “Lipton Do Good”. The website displayed a wide spectrum of videos that depict acts of kindness, ranging from sharing a cup of tea with a stranger to helping an old person cross the street. Visitors are asked to select the video that best resembles their good deed, and write a short description of what they have done. Lipton also designed a GIF for each person story and asked users to share it on social media.

The results are remarkable. Around 100 best stories were printed on the tea bags’ labels. Close to 10 million consumers were engaged. The exposure of the campaign was boosted by a rash of news and entertainment websites such as Scoop Empire,, Cairo360, and Cairo Gossip.

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