Blog Readers Don’t Care Much About Adverts On Your Blog

Blog Readers Don’t Care Much About Adverts On Your Blog

Without mincing words, a major source of revenue to bloggers are the various adverts displayed at various pats of their blog, such as the sidebars. Are you a blogger thinking beyond Google Ad Sense, and desirous of getting adverts directly from clients? Have you been struggling to get adverts despite the steady growth of your blog traffic rate? You are not alone in this.

The truth of the matter is that advertisers are demonstrating steady reluctance in placing adverts on blogs, and are exploring other advertising channels. itemises 13 reasons why blog ads suck for monetizing your site. Blog Tyrant is more blunt about it, as it warns: “Don’t Put Ads On Your Blog.”

We now live in a hyper-competitive global marketplace where we are inundated with advertising per minute per second.

Everyday when you browse on the internet, you encounter hundreds of adverts. By now, you barely notice them. To call a spade a spade, how many of the adverts do you bother to click on?
In view of this, inbound content marketing is what should be embraced. This will be examined in another blog post. Watch out!
Dr Olusola Oso, Founder/CEO, Pendrof.

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