Month: March 2020

Latest Content Marketing Statistics

Latest Content Marketing Statistics

Content Marketing is one of the major digital marketing strategies. It is a type of marketing focused on the creation and distribution of online materials that directly or indirectly promote a brand. In the digital world, content should be: useful, shareable, compelling, original, relevant, timely, authentic, educational, entertaining, insightful, contextual, and engaging.

This blog post is designed to share some latest content marketing statistics gathered from authoritative sources. These include:

  1. Two million blog posts are written and published daily (MarketingProfs).
  2. 60% of marketers confirm that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority (Hubspot).
  3. Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month get quadruple of the leads that companies that publish 0-4 blog posts get. (Hubspot).
  4. Long posts presently enjoy a surge in popularity. Short posts are on the decline. Readers now prefer long, quality, informative posts to short posts. (Orbit Media).
  5. 41% of B2B marketers say their organisation is clear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like; 59 % are unsure or unclear. (Content Marketing Institute).
  6. Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are top 4 channels used by B2B business for content marketing distribution. (Content Marketing Institute).
  7. 76 % of people use their Facebook feed to find interesting content (HubSpot).
  8. Most marketers attribute increase in success to content creation which includes higher quality and more efficient content creation (Content Marketing Institute).

Nigeria Coronavirus Cases Total 65

Nigeria Coronavirus Cases Total 65

“It was the best of time; it was the worst of time” so says the prodigiously talented and prolific British novelist, Charles Dickens in his novel, Hard Times. The above statement vividly captures what the world experiences now, no thanks to the CORVID-19 scourge sweeping across the globe like a tsunami.

Presently, Africa’s most populous nation, Nigera has a total number of 65 cases of coronavirus. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control made this known via its Twitter handle on Thursday. With 44 cases, Lagos remained the state with the highest number of cases in the country.

Pendrof Launches Digital Marketing Trainings in Lagos and Ogun States

Pendrof Launches Digital Marketing Trainings in Lagos and Ogun States

Are you a prospective digital marketer? Are you an individual who wants to learn and master the rudiments of digital marketing? Are you a corporate body, company, or business organisation based in Lagos or Ogun State, and you want to organise digital marketing training for your staff?

Pendrof, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency, offers training in Digital Marketing, Digital Services, Branding, and Digital Technologies to interested individuals, corporate bodies, and organizations. Our intensive training exposes you to the basic skills of digital marketing, and train you to become a digital marketing expert.

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The Role of Digital Communication in the Control of the Spread of Coronavirus Disease

The Role of Digital Communication in the Control of the Spread of Coronavirus Disease

Google, Bing and other search engines have buzzed with the search for breaking news on Coronaviruses in recent weeks. According to the World Health Organization, “Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.” Coronavirus disease has been detected in many countries across the globe with Italy claiming the highest number of casualties. The disease spreads mainly from person-to-person between people who are in close contact with one another, within about 6 feet distance.

Digital Communication has played and will continue to play significant roles in stemming the tide of the spread of the disease. Firstly, digital communication has played tremendous roles in the dissemination of basic information on the disease. These information include the meaning of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), How it Spreads, Prevention and Treatment, Symptoms, What to do if you are sick, etc. The wave of awareness on the deadly disease is spreading, like a tsunami, across the globe. Remarkably, many countries across the globe have taken proactive measures to control the spread of the disease. Banning of air travels, shutting down of borders and schools, and banning of public gatherings are some of these measures. Nigeria, for instance, hurriedly aborted NYSC orientation camps and posted the youth corpers to their places of primary assignments to prevent the spread of the disease.

Digital communication networks or channels such as Video Conferencing have replaced face-to-face group meetings to address matters of urgent currency. A recent, widely reported employment of Video Conferencing was the meeting pf Premier League clubs chairmen and executives on the way forward on this season’s premier league. Liverpool FC are six points away from clinching the league. However, they haven’t won it yet! The outcome of the Video Conferencing was the postponement of the Premier League till April 30th.

PENDROF.COM will be giving you regular updates on Coronavirus disease on this blog. Stay tuned!

How to Create Unique Value Proposition in Your Instagram Account

How to Create Unique Value Proposition in Your Instagram Account

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, with over one billion people using it every month. When it was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on October 2010, Facebook was highly impressed by its overwhelming popularity. Facebook bought the photo and video-sharing social network service in 2012.

Instagram was the second most downloaded free app (second only to YouTube) in the Apple app store in 2018. Small and large businesses, individuals, brands, corporate bodies, influencers, and businesses are successfully growing followings and building relationships and making sales on Instagram. So huge are the Instagram potentials that more and more people are embracing it.

The focus of this post is on how to create unique value proposition in your Instagram account. What are the things you need to do to make someone in your target audience want to follow you? How are you going to portray your brand on Instagram?

In order to create unique value proposition on your Instagram account, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What does your business, product or service offer?
  2. What makes your account different from others? That is, what is unique about your account?
  3. Why is your offering valuable to your followers and customers?
  4. What are your buyers’ pain points? How cay you use those to appeal to them?

Once you have answered these questions, you will understand who you are targeting, why you are using the app, and how you are going to position yourself.

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