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Compliance: Key Word In Business & Digital Marketing Operations

Compliance: Key Word In Business & Digital Marketing Operations

Many business organizations in Nigeria and across Africa view compliance merely as a “necessary evil” in business operations. Far from it. Compliance is indeed an integral aspect of business operations. For instance, if a business organization is engulfed in crisis, and is slammed with a fine, the company needs to comply without unnecessary delay. Instances abound of companies who have procrastinated and have regretted. Such companies sometimes have to cough out heavier fines, in addition to heavy reputational damage they suffer.

The great need for compliance explains why the position of a chief compliant officer has become more prestigious than it used to be. Compliance is the heart of business. It is pivotal to successful business. If a business fails to comply with industry rules and regulations, such a business is bound to fail.

Little wonder, big corporations across the globe take compliance very seriously. As a case study, in 2014, J P Morgan reportedly spent a whopping sum of $ 4 billion more than it initially planned for risk and compliance for that fiscal year on hiring 3000 employees for this risk and compliance function, and reassigning 2000 more into it.

In recent years, skilled compliant officers are among the most sought after and highest paid professionals in the world. This is confirmed by “Starting compliance salaries are growing more than 3.5% a year, with large companies paying chief compliance officers between $162,000 and $232,000 while hedge fund compliance officers can get as much as $800,000.” In the launching of digital marketing campaigns, effective digital marketing agencies take the compliance of the prospective clients/companies very seriously. If a company has a demonstrable level of compliance to industry rules and regulations, it would be easier to launch digital marketing campaigns for such companies.

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